Finally a Strong Secure Way to Connect Laccrose Nets

About Net Connect


My name is Seth and I am the founder of Net Connect. I operate Net Connect out of Denver, Colorado. I have spent much of my summers the past few years working with the Denver Lacrosse Club. Our motto was, "if there's a problem, find a solution." A major problem that kept appearing was that there was no good way to connect the nets to the lacrosse goals so that they last. So, I went to work to devlop a solution to our problem and I came up with Net Connect. Finally a quick and simple way to connect the net to the lacrose goal that is reuseable and will last.

More About Us

The Design


Net Connect clamps are hand built and designed to fit almost any lacrosse net. They are made from strong steel clamps so that no shot can break them and they are covered in a weather proof coating so they don't rust and can withstand the elements. Net Connect clamps also have a handy thumb screw so that tightening and loosening the clamps is as easy.