Finally a Strong Secure Way to Connect Laccrose Nets

About The Net Connect

Net Connect clips are made so that you can focus on playing lacrosse instead of wasting your time fixing nets. Net Connect Clips make it easy to fix holes in your lacrosse nets as they appear, or to string an entire nets from scratch. Instead of spending hours taping your goals or wasting hundreds of zip ties, now it is easy to fix your nets in minutes with Net Connect clips. Keep some clips in your lacrosse bag at all times so that when you get to a field and find some nets with holes all along the sides you can save the day and fix them up in no time.

About Me


My name is Seth and I'm the founder of Net Connect. Currently I am 17 years old and a senior in High School and I operate Net Connect out of Denver, Colorado. The last three summers I have spent working for the Denver Lacrosse Club and our motto was "if there's a problem, find a solution." Therefore, I decided to try to find a way to make the game of lacrosse more accesable for everyone to me.