Finally a Strong Secure Way to Connect Laccrose Nets

About The Net Connect

Net Connect clips are made so that you can focus on playing lacrosse instead of wasting your time fixing nets. Net Connect Clips make it easy to fix holes in your lacrosse nets as they appear, or to string an entire nets from scratch. Instead of spending hours taping your goals or wasting hundreds of zip ties, now it is easy to fix your nets in minutes with Net Connect clips. Keep some clips in your lacrosse bag at all times so that when you get to a field and find some nets with holes all along the sides you can save the day and fix them up in no time.

About Me


My name is Seth and I'm the founder of Net Connect. Currently I am 17 years old and a junior in High School and I operate Net Connect out of Denver, Colorado. The last three summers I have spent working for the Denver Lacrosse Club and our motto was "if there's a problem, find a solution," and one problem that kept appearing was that there was no product that was easy to use and would securely connect the lacrosse net to the goal. We tried everything from zip ties to string to tape but stringing a net takes hours and once one place in the string breaks the whole net falls apart, zip ties and tape are too weak and one shot breaks them and you are back to square one. My journey to create Net Connect started when on a hot summer day I was outsite taping new nets to goals and it took hours. Then the next day while shooting on those nets the tape breaks and all my work dissapears. I went to work creating Net Connect so that now in just a few minutes you can put a new net on a goal and you know that it will last.
I handmake every clip and run the entire business by myself. From welding the clips, to writing the instructions, I do it all. My goal is to ensure every aspect of Net Connect is easy to use and convient, and that every customer is happy. So if you ever have any questions or comment please feel free to contact me.