Finally a Strong Secure Way to Connect Laccrose Nets


Q: Can you string up an entire net with Net Connect clips or are they only for fixing holes in nets?

A: You can use the net clips to both string an entire net from scratch or to fix net as holes appear. Net Connect net clips are a great item to keep in your lacrosse bag so whenever you find a net that needs a little love you can fix it up in a matter of minutes.

Q: How many clips do you need to attach an entire net?

A: All nets and cages are a little bit differnt but for most nets all you need is one pack of Net Connect clips which comes with 17 clips

Q: What size patch should I use?

A: For holes that are approximatley the size of a lacrosse ball and slightly larger the 6x6 inch patch is perfect. For all larger holes the 10x10 inch patch is the best size.

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Net Connect Instructions

Start by loosening the clip until it opens so that it can fit around the goal.

Place the clips where they are needed in order to secure the net to the cage. Be sure to pull the net tight so there is as little slack as possible. If you are stringing an entire net with Net Connect clips place the clips evenly around the cage. It is easiest to start from the top two corners and work your way down and then back.

Attach the clips between the thicker outside border of the net and the goal. Connect the clip by sliding the open end into the screw and twisting the thumb screw clockwise until the clip is attached but not tightened all the way.

With the clips attached but still loose, position them so that the thumb screw is behind the pole of the goal so that it can not be hit.

Finally, pull the net over the pole of the goal and then tighten the clips tight enough to hold the net in place so it doesn’t move.